10/2011 Kush Fine Art Web Site
J.S.Lange deployed new completely overhauled Kush Fine Art website.
10/2011 Chalk and Vermilion Fine Arts
J.S.Lange delivered fully authoried DVD for all animations created for the MLG Caesar's Las Vegas gallery digital signage.
10/2011 Kush Fine Art Online Web Store
J.S.Lange deployed new Kush Fine Art online web store in conjunction with with KFA main web site.
8/2011 Martin Lawrence Galleries Las Vegas
J.S.Lange completed digital signage for Martin Lawrence Galleries' new location in The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas
5/2011 A-Listers Animation
J.S.Lange created animated commercial for The A-Listers.
8/2010  Kush Fine Art Web Site
J.S.Lange commenced development of the new Kush Fine Art web site.
5/2010  Shlip Shlap
J.S.Lange developed animated running man logo for Shlip Shlap Productions, the creators of Modern HotrodZ.
3/2010  Megill v. Tinicum Township
J.S.Lange provided accident recreation animation used in court for Megill v. Tinicum Township Litigation.
12/2009  Metaphorical Voyage DVD Released
J.S.Lange and Kush Fine Art released Vladimir Kush Metaphorical Voyage DVD at the premiere in Laguna Beach CA.
11/2009  Metaphorical Voyage DVD
J.S.Lange completed authoring and mastering of Vladimir Kush's Metaphorical Voyage DVD.
08/2009  Ceasars Las Vegas
J.S.Lange Completed digital signage animation for  Kush Fine Art in the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, NV.
 05/2009 Bringing the Secrets to Life
J.S.Lange created animated book for Goddess International production demo of Bringing the Secrets to Life
 03/2009 Metaphorical Voyage Website
J.S.Lange created promotional website for Vladimir Kush's Metaphorical Voyage animated film.
 03/2009 Hidden Story Productions Logo
J.S.Lange created a 3D logo for Hidden Story Productions.  This is for use on films, trailers, and the web.

01/2009 J.S.Lange Logo

The new 3d logo for J.S.Lange productions is completed.

12/2008 Metaphorical Voyage Film
Principal animation for Metaphorical Voyage completed.

11/2008 Metaphorical Voyage Film

Mix and mastering of sound track for Vladimir Kush's Metaphorical Voyage completed.


11/2008 Rise and Fall Website

J.S.Lange  revamped Flash application on  the Nash Productions website for the film The Rise and Fall of their American Dream.

10/2008 Metaphorical Voyage Film
Music and Sound Effects for Vladimir Kush's Metaphorical Voyage animated film completed.
09/2008 Nash Productions 3D Logo
J.S.Lange created animated 3D logo for Nash Productions.  This is for use before films and on trailers.

05/2008 Kush Fine Art Digital Signage

J.S.Lange created a digital signage promotional piece for Kush Fine Art to display in various venues in New York City. 


05/2008 Interviews for Nash Productions

J.S.Lange taped interviews with 3 of the principal actors in Nash Productions' new film, The Rise and Fall of their American Dream.

05/2008 Interview with Vladimir Kush
Second set of interviews and visual effects shots recorded with Vladimir Kush in NYC for Metaphorical Voyage Film.  

03/2008 Rise and Fall VFX

J.S.Lange completed visual effects for Nash Productions' film The Rise and Fall of their American Dream.


01/2008 Metasphere

J.S.Lange designed DVD menus and performed Authoring for Bridge Arts Media and C3 production Metasphere.