J.S.Lange Productions is located outside Philadelphia near West Chester, PA, or just on the other end of your internet connection. We are dedicated to helping our clients create high quality audio-visual projects regardless of the medium or scope.  Our belief is that while anyone can operate a camera, there is a need to make the work look professional. We provide the technical and creative expertise to add that production value magic.

J.S.Lange was started in 2001 by Jan Lange. Mr. Lange received a degree in electrical and computer engineering from Drexel University, but ultimately pursued software programming upon graduation. After a successful career in software development, the fascination with 3D animation, visual effects and the production process prompted a new, more artistic, and yet still technical direction. 

Our expertise covers three core areas. The first is video production which includes acquisition, lighting, sound, and post-production: editing, visual effects, color grading and compositing. The second is in 3D modeling, animation and effects which include 3D characters, fluids, advanced particles, match moving, and render wrangling. The last is studio and on-location photography. and retouching. We focus on advertising and marketing clients as well as portraits, head shots, real estate and products.

Other post-production services include motion graphics, After Effects, composition of original music, sound effects and mastering.  Delivery mediums include video, web, digital signage and mobile apps/games and we are experts in authoring and mastering DVD/Blu-ray disks.


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